Functional testing is at the heart of making software successful. In the world of changes in the computing and users becoming efficient end users, the danger of releasing software without proper QA will have disastrous effects. We find QA team which will be unbiased towards the development team which is essential for product success. We practice a thorough framework based methodology when conducting functional, GUI, Database and Regression testing.

Performing the user interface level functional testing is crucial as it can reveal a number of deficiencies not immediately apparent when conducting a source code review. We take the application complexity only after testing the overall usability of the software because if user interface fails, the result is a failed product.


PunTech QA Testing Team is also cross-trained and exposed to various verticals that we support, be it BFSI or non-BFSI. Our focus is to improve the quality of the product while ensuring a cost-effective test cycle. The domain focus and capability of using automation and frameworks at the right time yields an engagement cost reduction of 10-20% which is subject to a few other factors at the customers’ end as well.

By implementing automation framework PunTech aims to drastically reduce the risks of applications getting failed and adds speed to the testing cycles between releases. This allows us the flexibility to test the existing product on multiple browsers and operating systems, allowing us to perform a rigorous compatibility check.