In this time, Internet is at the centre of the business and that makes security as the prime issue to be looked at. Any loop hole in the security may end up in critical data theft and that can have some serious effects on the business. Security testing helps find out all such issues and helps to make secure and successful software.

PunTech has a team of sound security testers and they help the product development team at all levels throughout the SDLC. We have some of the best industry practices when it comes to security testing. Following are the services provided for security testing of web applications:

  1. Testing of Configuration Management
  2. Business Logic Testing
  3. Authentication and Authorization Testing
  4. Session Management Testing
  5. Data Validation Testing
  6. Denial of Service Testing
  7. Web Services Testing
  8. Ajax/Scripting Testing
  9. Testing vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL Injection

Below is the summary of security testing methodology at PunTech:

security testing methodology